Foodie Pen Pals Guest Post
This one is short and very sweet.  I asked Joanna (who received a package from me) to write a little bit about what I sent.  She mentioned that she forgot to take a picture as she was too excited to sample what was in the box of goodies.
Here’s what Joanna wrote…
Both Deborah and I were first time “Foodie Penpals” last month. I can’t express my utmost delight when a parcel appeared at my door wrapped in kraft paper and filled with thoughtful, delicious treats. Since my only stipulations were “No papaya, please,” Deborah had full reign of preparing a fun and tasty package. She included chipotle flavoured seaweed, chocolate quinoa biscuits, cheese crostinis, a bar of Cocoacara orange and chili dark chocolate, lamb curry mix, and Deborah’s own homemade sharp cheddar cheese shortbread biscuits. Although everything in the package was incredible, the cheddar shortbread biscuits were the top contender. I had to keep a watchful eye my fiance didn’t sneak too many away from me! It was a real treat not only to receive such a generous package, but it was exciting to become acquainted with a new person who shares an interest in food and cooking. Food truly brings people together. Many thanks Deborah!