I decided to participate in Foodie Pen pals again this month as I had so much fun with it in March.  I sent a package to my pen pal Sarah (a student in London) on the 15th and waited patiently for my package to arrive from Katie (a teacher in Toronto).  It arrived last week and I wasn’t disappointed with its contents.  Katie obviously put a lot of thought into the package and tried to find things that worked with my dietary restrictions.  
Here’s what she sent…

 It all came packed in this cereal box 🙂
And included a lovely, hand-written letter explaining what everything was
Mmmm, plantain chips.  I polished these off quite quickly!
 And she even popped popcorn and spiced it with two of my favourites, ginger and wasabi
 Yummy seaweed, a big favourite in this house!
 Some lovely mint chocolate David’s tea.  Not really my thing, but Krestan loves it!
 A toasted coconut nutrition bar
 2 sachets of flavoured nut butter.  I bet these will taste great on celery!
 I love my gourmet salts, so this will definitely be well-used!
 And last, but definitely not least is some banana ginger curry sauce.  I never buy bottled sauces, so this should be fun to try.  Katie suggested brushing it on chicken or even as a dip.  Can’t wait to try it!
What a wonderful box full of lovely surprises.  I highly recommend all foodies trying this pen pal programme  I’m having such a great time with it.