Well it’s that time again.  My wonderful foodie pen pal this month was the lovely Myra and what a delightful package she sent me.  She listened to my likes/dislikes and (self-imposed) food restrictions and sent me a very thoughtful box of goodies. 
 This is a peek at what the box looked like when I opened the lid
 And all the goodies laid out
 I got a coconut almond bar (my Mum’s absolute favourite, so she’ll probably be profiting from this box too :))
 Yummy Simply Protein Chips and the spicy ones too, which are my favourite
 A couple of handy little packages of almond butter for a snack on-the-go
 Dark chocolate!!!
 And these bison bites, which look really intriguing.  Can’t wait to try them.
 I love Sahale snacks.  Haven’t tried this flavour, but balsamic vinegar and cayenne sounds fantastic to me!!
 Potato chips…my occasional guilty pleasure.  Myra mentioned she liked this brand when she was a kid.
 Some fancy David’s Tea!
 Mangosteen soap!  Wow, it smells wonderful.
 And one of Myra’s favourite recipes from when she did a paleo boot camp…how cool is that!?
 Last but not least, she included this beautiful card.  I love the handwritten note and her handwriting is so neat!! 🙂  Thanks again Myra for this lovely box of treats!!