Perry and I spent this afternoon in downtown Toronto.  We had lunch at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant “Pho Pasteur”, walked around St. Lawrence market and had some wonderful mochaccinos at a coffee shop in Kensington market.  Just before leaving for home, we decided to buy some injera from an Ethiopian store.  I haven’t made Ethiopian food for a long time, so tonight’s dinner was a lot of fun.  I made two dishes, Doro Wat (chicken stew) and Mesir Wat (red lentil stew).  I felt like I wanted something green to accompany the lentils and chicken, so I threw some kale from our garden into the Doro Wat.
I’m afraid the pics. aren’t great as they’re from my phone.

The injera (one right side up, one upside down)

The Mesir Wat

The Doro Wat

Me standing by the bears in the Sculpture Garden