Clementine Jelly
This is a fairly healthy dessert that I made last week.  I was looking for something light but tasty and this was just perfect.  I found this recipe
by Jamie Oliver, but changed it slightly.
I used 2 envelopes of powdered gelatin instead of the sheets.  I also used raw honey instead of sugar.  I had no vanilla syrup, so I just used pure vanilla extract.  When I made the yogourt topping, I added 1 tablespoon of raw honey with the vanilla extract.  I also probably used a little more ginger than was called for, but the result wasn’t all that ‘gingery’.  Along with the clementines, I also juiced 2 Meyer lemons.  I think the lemons added a little bit of tartness, which worked really well.

Juicing the clementines 
Grating the ginger with my microplane (I love this tool!)

Mmmm, gingery goodness

A slice of clementine in the glass before adding the jelly

The jelly before it set

All done!