Shrimp with Wilted Arugula
This was one of those meals that just comes together with things you already have in the fridge/freezer and pantry.  I had bought a huge container of arugula at Costco the other day to use in a salad.  Since it was just Perry and me eating that night, we had 2/3 of the mammoth container left over.  I didn’t want to do salad two nights in a row so I decided to make this instead.  I had some pitted Kalamata olives in the fridge and some of our favourite creamy Macedonian feta, so I thought I would make a (sort of) Greek-flavoured meal.  Here’s what I came up with…
 I sautéed some red onion slices in coconut oil (yeah, I know that’s not even remotely Greek)
Meanwhile, I made a marinade of Extra Virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice, fresh rosemary, minced garlic, Celtic sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
I cooked the onion slices until lightly browned
Then I added minced garlic and chopped Thai chile peppers
Meanwhile, I added some peeled shrimp to the marinade and tossed them around, letting them stand for about 10 mins.
Then I put them on a greased (and foiled) baking tray and baked at 425F for about 6 minutes (until pink)
I finished sautéeing the onion, garlic and chile mixture
Then I added lots of fresh arugula to the pan
I tossed it around until it was wilted
Then I threw in the feta and olives and tossed it all around until well-mixed
I served the arugula mixture with the shrimp on top