Broccoli Salad
This is another of my favourite lunches.  I also enjoy making it for summer barbecues instead of the usual stodgy salads that are on offer.  I generally make it in a similar way to this, but decided to add a couple of things (chia seeds, hemp seeds and flax oil) to make it even healthier this time.  
Here’s what I did…
Diced some Spanish onion and doused with balsamic vinegar.  Let this sit for a while so that the vinegar would take the ‘edge’ off the raw onion.
Added some extra virgin olive oil, flax oil and Dijon mustard (helps emulsify the dressing)
Added Celtic sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and cayenne pepper
Mixed it all together until the dressing was well-combined
Added a large, chopped red bell pepper
Lots of chopped broccoli
Added chia seeds and hemp seeds
Lots of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds
Mixed it all together and gobbled it up 🙂